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Authentic Dishes

Made with love

Please let us know if you have any food allergies. 

fresh and fragrant


  • Kebab $12

    Skewered Grilled meat on open flame with seasonings. Chicken, beef, or Goat.

  • Meat pie $17

    Baked pastry dough stuffed with beef, fish or chicken.

  • Kelewele $15

    Ripe plantain infused win a spicy mix of herbs, ginger, garlic, cilantro and cayenne pepper.

  • Fried Plantain $13

    Pan seared fried ripe plantains.

  • Grilled Lamb $19

    Fresh lamb grilled on an open wood fire.

Cooked with love

Main Course

  • Red Snapper or Tilapia $25

    Charcoal grilled fried or stewed marinated fish seasoned with organic herbs, paprika and a hint of lemon. Served with your choice of one side. Price based on Market please ask.

  • Stew $25

    Stewed tomato sauce with diced onions, paprika and organic spices. Served with one choice of side. Plain Stew, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Goat, Mixed

  • Aku's Ginger Chicken $12

    Wood burning grilled chicken marinated with organic herbs and spices. Served with your choice of one side.

  • Four Soup

    Okra, Peanut Butter, Light (Pepper), Palmnut, Ogbono, Egusi. Served with one side. Vegetable, Chicken, Beef, Goat, or Mixed

  • Chofi (Fried Turkey)

    Seasoned turkey tails or wings with a side of Shito

  • Sides $5 Each

    Plain Rice
    Pounded Yam
    Gari (Eba)
    Waakye (Rice & Beans)

“Hunger Is The Best Sauce”

Miguel De Cervantes

Quench your Thirst


  • Water or Soda 2 for $2
  • Aku's Homemade Juices $5
  • Snapple $2
  • Malt Drinks $2.50