behind the sauce

Cooking from the heart

Aku’s passion is cooking good, healthy food from the heart. She has been feeding family, old friends and new ones starting her restaurant at home at her kitchen table to finally opening her own place. 

Aku's Kitchen Since 1998

Ganaian Family Restaurant

Our Family​

The recipes cooked at Aku’s kitchen are passed down from Ethel’s mother and her grandmother. The whole family at Aku’s kitchen is dedicated to bringing the warmth of eating at home and the authenticity of family recipes to their customers.

Homemade Food​

Everything is made fresh from the the home smoked shrimp that goes into the shitto to getting fresh ingredients from whole foods, direct from farmers and also from local fish mongers. 

authentic & Fresh

At Aku’s kitchen you feel like you are still at her kitchen table experiencing truly authentic home cooking. 

Meet The Chef


Aku was always interested in food and cooking from a young age. She watched and learnt from her Mama (Mother) and Mamah (grandmother) home made dishes. The best gift she every recieced was that they believed in her and this gave her strength to pursue her passion. According to Aku she has never worked a day in her life. She believes in taking time to let flavours develop, for example her goat stew is slow simmered for up to five days to bring out immensely rich flavors. With a giving heart, Aku’s other passion is to help her community. 

modern Ganaian restaurant

Nourishing the Soul

Everything at AkusKitchen is made to nourish your body and soul. From fresh ginger juice to the flavourful stews and grills. Everything fresh. Everything homemade. That is what you expect at Aku’s Kitchen and all affordably priced.